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Notarial Information

The role and duties of a Notary

The role of a notary is not simply to witness documents.

A notary public in England is an officer of the law appointed by the Court. His duty is

He does so under his signature and official seal.

The process of authentication lies behind every notarial act. The notary verifies the document, act or event as a reliable public officer. He then certifies its truth so that the document can be relied on.


The duties - a notary has to be satisfied about, and to certify various matters including:

Independent advice – the English notary, as such, is not qualified to advise on or indeed allowed (under the rules of the Notaries Society) to advise on the full implications of documents to operate in a foreign country.  However, at Leslie Seldon Notary, we have access to specialist lawyers abroad, for example in Florida and Spain.  It may be advisable for you to consult such a lawyer before I notarise the document.


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