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How much will the Notarial Service cost?

I will always give you a fixed estimate of the cost for dealing with a document if I can. The following is some indication of how a notary’s charges are arrived at.

A notary charges by the time he spends on the matter. There are no set fees  If the document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct format, it generally takes a minimum of half an hour to check the document, see you to sign, complete the document, take the copies and complete the records I must keep.

It will take longer if the document is complex or I have to draft or substantially amend it. So you can see how important it is to get the document to me beforehand.
The appropriate basis of charge is said to be that for a lawyer working on commercial matters in the locality where the Notary operates. Because of my lower overheads, I charge at £160 an hour without VAT which is a competitive rate.

If there is great complexity or uncertainty as to what I am required to do it is impossible to give a fixed price and then I simply work on an hourly rate.

Where documents are needed in an emergency, or the work has to be done out of normal office hours then the charge may increase.

I give a discount in appropriate circumstances – for example to Students with a valid student ID card - generally 10% for Notarial Services.

Out of pocket expenses ('disbursements')

For legalisation there may be fees to pay to:

I will be able to advise you:

Getting the Apostille/ Embassy authentication

The ways of getting this are:

Note: the FCOhave now moved to Milton Keynes so best to check on their website if you are attending or posting any documents there - www.fco.gov.uk